Master your outdoor space with modern verandas, glass rooms and glass sliding doors, designed and installed by JJH Construction Ltd. Making dreams a reality our experienced team in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, can create the perfect space for you to enjoy. For inspiration on your next home update, please take a look at the designs below.

Verandas: The Giallo

The Giallo Veranda is known for its smooth, robust look and is equipped with a reinforced gutter profile. Because of this extra reinforcement the Giallo can be mounted with just two posts with a span of 6 metres. The maximum span on two posts is what makes the Giallo unique. The result is maximum enjoyment with a free and open view.


The robust & smooth aluminium veranda provides a solid and stylish
extension to your home. The Giallo is available in three RAL colours: Cream
White, Traffic White and Anthracite Grey. The veranda comes with a
standard polycarbonate roof in which you can choose from various types
depending on your wishes.

Verandas: The Pigato

This veranda is reinforced with a steel strip in the gutter profile, meaning that this veranda can be fitted with a laminated glass roof. This will give you the perfect lighting allowing you to enjoy your outdoor views without losing light in your home, providing a sense
of enrichment and pure luxury.


The Pigato veranda is a true asset to your garden. Not only because of its luxurious look but also because o f the comfort that an aluminium veranda can offer.


The veranda is available in the colours: traffic white, cream white and anthracite grey. The Pigato comes s tandard with a glass roof, but if desired, it can also come with Polycarbonate. In addition, this veranda comes with various options for styles of guttering and posts that best matches your home.

Verandas: Verdeca - Folding roof with aluminium

Enjoy extra living pleasure in the garden through ultimate flexibility. Who would not want that? The Verdeca roof canvas is made of a sun-resistant and waterresistant fabric. Are you sitting under this veranda and want to enjoy the sun? Then, with one push on the but ton, raise the canvas (partially) so you can immediately enjoy maximum light and the beautiful w eather. If you prefer to sit in the shade or seek protection against wind, rain or UV radiation, you can close the screen with the same ease.


By adding glass sliding walls you can choose to extend your Verdeca veranda to a complete garden room. With the flexible Verdeca veranda, you can therefore enjoy optimum comfort at your terrace.


The Verdeca veranda has a white water-repellent canvas and a grey coloured frame from aluminium. In addition, the special geome tric design ensures that the interior construction offers maximum strength and wind resistance to the aluminium profile.


The veranda looks sleek and offers perfect visibility because the stainless steel connection elements and screws are concealed invisibly. In addition, the rain gutter is equipped with an anti- draft system, which prevents the wind from entering between the canvas, the rails and the rain gutter.

Pergolas: Pinela - Aluminium Louvered Roof

Want to decide for yourself how you want to enjoy the sun and the weather under your pergola? Now this is possible with our Pinela pergola. With the remote control you can easily tilt the panels in the roof to a different position. This way you have the control to play with the light, the shade and the air flow under your roof.

During the summer for example, you have the flexibility to either sit in the sun or take advantage of the shade. In the winter on the o ther hand, you will experience the benefits of the waterproof roof and the protection against all kinds of weather conditions! This allows you to enjoy your terrace during all seasons, all year round.


The Pinela has a durable and sleek design which makes this roof a real addition to your home. With a remote control, the panels are easy to rotate into a position that creates the perfect light for you. Because the panels are continuously adjustable up to 120 degrees, you can even let the panels rotate with the sun!

Pergolas: Deluxe Aluminium Louvered Roof

Would you like to have an open space above your terrace in no time? With the push of a button, you can open the roof panels of the Pinela Deluxe and create a convertible effect in your garden.


In the open position, the pergola offers maximum light. At the same time, in a closed position the Pinela Deluxe protects against various weather conditions and offers you a shady spot on sunny days. Rain or shine, you will experience the ultimate outdoor living feeling.


With the Pinela Deluxe you can create an outdoor space that o ffers protection against all types of weather. When you open the synchronously moving panels, a large space is created above your terrace. When closing, the panels simultaneously press on the gaskets of the side profiles providing optimal protection.

Sliding Glass Doors

With our versatile and functional sliding glass doors you’ll enjoy your garden buildings and veranda throughout the year. When the weather is great enjoy your outdoor space by repositioning your sliding glass doors. When the temperature drops you can change your veranda to a fully enclosed area by closing the sliding doors. This offers you the possibility to stay outside longer. The sliding glass doors offer benefits all year round, meaning you can always enjoy the best at home.


These doors can be added to verandas, garden rooms, terraces and summer houses to make the most of your outdoor living space.

If you want to enjoy the outdoors longer, glass doors provide extra shelter against wind and rain. As a result, you’ll always have enough light and a great view of your back garden. Moreover, our glass doors are not only a suitable addition to your veranda but also to shield y our porch, garden house, cabin or balcony.


The glass panels are available in various height and width dimensions, they can run on 2 to 6 r ail tracks with no additional frame. This gives you a permanent, unrestricted view you can enjoy all year round.

Aluminium Panels

Aluminium panels are unique in our product range. These are lightweight, aluminium parts that enrich your outdoor life. The panels are stackable, easy to assemble and fitted with click profiles. The durable and flexible character ensures that you can use the aluminium panels in different ways. They can serve as fence parts for more privacy, or as fencing. But you can also make planters or a beautiful aluminium conv ersion for your garbagecontainer. Even creating a garage door is possible. In short, your creativity will be fully stimulated with our aluminium panels.

The aluminium panels are available in three different RAL colours. This makes the panels a per fect addition to your roof. For example, you can close the side or back wall completely, in style with your veranda, for shelter and protection from the wind. You can also close the bo ttomside of your veranda with for a nice look.

The adaptable character of the panels is comparable to the possibilities offered by wood. What you can achieve with wood, you can also build with these panels, only more durable with low maintenance. With the panels you enjoy endless possibilities to give your outdoor life a unique look.


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